About Us

Provent is a Quovus training initiative. Quovus was founded by a group of clinicians whose experience originates from serving the needs of people with complex support needs. The team has many years of practical, hands-on experience in the development of proactive and reactive systems designed to minimise and manage behavioural crisis in the workplace.

"Early in our careers we found ourselves regularly confronted with work-based situations and challenging behavioural incidents that made us and the teams of staff we supported feel stressed, anxious, helpless, and personally vulnerable.

We found that there was very limited accessible information available to us from within the range of organisational systems that could help us in a practical way and actually addressed, realistically and directly, the incidents we were experiencing. It almost seemed that the main implied response from our workplaces were, basically: 'toughen up and get used to it', and, 'do what you’ve got to do to survive', or 'do more to prevent incidents so they don’t occur'.

This may be an experience you have had yourselves?

So, largely through necessity and concern for the personal welfare issues of our workmates and clients, we set out to compile a series of practical training sessions that could help people help themselves, manage systems effectively within the work place and better support client requirements." 

Lisa Fahey

Lisa Fahey, Quovus Director, Registered Psychologist, NSW Australia.

From that starting point Provent has further developed over many years, and will hopefully continue to do so today through your participation.

Quovus is a team of human service professionals who provide clinical, programming, training and analytical consultancy services to a diverse group of industry partners. Our team comprises psychologists, clinicians and a range of allied health and operational consultants who together provide a comprehensive and integrated skills base for application to complex service requirements.


The Quovus team has extensive experience in working with services providing assistance for people with high and complex support needs, involving: intellectual and developmental disabilities, dual diagnosis, offending behaviour and challenging behaviour. Supporting the development of robust risk management and safety frameworks with our partners is a key aspect of practice. Our priority is the delivery of support services characterised by intelligent, made-to-measure programs that provide accessible solutions to the working challenges of our partners.